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2019 Andy Culpepper CD/CSAR

Year 2019
Top Cedar
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country USA
Luthier Andy Culpepper

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Prior to building, Andy started to play classical guitar as a teenager, and later transitioned into flamenco - he even studied flamenco in Spain and has since done a good amount of performing - solo, accompanying and dance. As with many luthiers, Andy's first guitar was to build himself an instrument to play on but after showing the guitar around, he began getting orders, and so eventually decided to become a full-time luthier. His formal studies were done with Richard Cogger, a classical and flamenco guitar maker in Ithaca. Andy shared work space with him for a couple of years before establishing his own shop where he continues to work today. So his guitars are truly a "players" instrument, very easy to play and responsive to both the left and right hands.

This guitar is rooted in traditional Spanish aesthetics, with a sound crafted to satisfy the modern concert guitarist. It has plenty of power, clarity, openness, and separation to fill a concert hall, but also has a beautiful voice that makes it hard to put down. It is loud and penetrating without being boomy and has great sustain and a rich, but controlled overtone content. Andy's guitars are very versatile to virtually any playing style, so although this guitar was built as a classical, it sounds both at home also as a flamenco, if pushed. It has a lightweight feel, with a big explosive attack followed by a rich sound of big overtones in every note. Overall an excellent and well-made concert instrument by any standard.

Photos of this guitar taken during construction.

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