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2023 So Kimishima “Stella” CD/IN

Year 2023
Top Cedar
Back & Sides Indian Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish Lacquer
Country Japan
Luthier Sakurai & Kohno

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So Kimishima is the grandson of the greatest classical guitar luthier from Japan, Masaru Kohno, and has been a member of the Sakurai-Kohno workshop since 2007 where he has worked and trained with the great Masaki Sakurai. Although clearly influenced by the designs of both Sakurai and Kohno, Kimishima also infuses his own personality into his guitars. This is his own model, which he calls "Stella". Based largely on the sound of Masaru Kohno's guitars from the 1950s-1960s, he adds design ideas and techniques learned from his master, Masaki Sakurai. The most unique and different feature from other Kohno/Sakurai models is that Kimishima uses different bracing designs according to the tonewood being used, as he believes the different sound characteristics of each guitar's top material can benefit from nuancing it to its inherent strengths. As with all instruments that come from this workshop, his instruments reveals a beautiful, classic design - perfectly executed. The double ebony reinforcing strips in the back of the neck allow for a very accurate setup, so the action is low and easy without buzzing. The stiffer neck also improves sustain. The cedar top has a warm and fat sound while still retaining the clarity and balance of its spruce counterpart. There is plenty of power here for any concert situation, including ensemble settings. Overall, a very charming instrument which we can recommend to anyone looking for a top-quality concert instrument.

Orfeo No. 15: The Guitar in Japan

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