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El Canto de La Leona by Wulfin Lieske


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1-8. Bach: Suite in D, BWV 1007

9-13. de Milano: Fantasias & Ricercari

14. Lieske: Nympheas d'apres Claude Monet

15. Llobet: La Leonesa

16-22. Tarrega: Preludios, Pavana, Danza Mora

23. Albeniz: Capricho Catalan

24. Albeniz: Cordoba

Antonio Torres' legendary "La Leona" built in 1856, marks the start of the modern period of guitar making. The listener is captivated by the rich variety of sounds offered by this legendary guitar, an instrument with a limitless array of expressive qualities, transcending stylistic boundaries across any musical style, accommodating itself chameleon-like to a multitude of musical contexts without compromising its own identity. In this respect Torres is the equal of the great violin-makers of Cremona.

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