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Frederick Noad: The Classical Guitar Anthology (w/ CD)


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This anthology of solos, duets and songs, covering four centuries of composers for the guitar and lute family, from the first printed works of Luis Milan in 1536 to the culmination of the Romantic era, gives an historical and musical insight into each important period, and increases the basic repertory for teachers and amateurs.

Taken from original sources, and carefully fingered for the modern player, the transcriptions are as faithful as possible to the original while at the same time offering a practical performing score. The pieces are graded in difficulty, including pieces for beginners as well as others suitable for the concert stage.

The introductory text and study notes accompanying each piece give a wealth of biographical, technical, and stylistic information.

This book contains solos and duets by masters of the late 19th century, including works by Aguado, Giuliani, Regondi, and Sor.

Other books in the Anthology: The Classical Guitar, The Baroque Guitar, and The Renaissance Guitar.

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