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Sold - SKU: STKNOBL-05282 - Knobloch

Knobloch "Leo Brouwer 80th Anniversary Limited Edition" High Tension 500LB

Country Spain


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In honor of Maestro Leo Brouwer on his 80th birthday, Knobloch Strings launched a commemorative line of high quality classical guitar strings to pay tribute to his legacy and musical output. These limited edition strings are comprised of the new bass and treble strings:

LB Bass - created from a special blend of metal and composite core, these strings have a profound and brilliant sound. The strength and sensitivity of the LB basses allow the musician to express authentic emotions through their unmatched purity.

Nylon AT Trebles - The premium set of Nylon AT strings is a perfect mix between the sweetness of the nylon and the strength/brilliance of carbon strings.

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