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In Stock - SKU: CDLUIFD-04553

Luis Mariano & Florian David: Live in Germany



Track Listing:

01 Duo - A Hora y Media (Malaguena)

02 Duo - La Vida Breve / M. de Falla

03 Solo by Luis Mariano - Jalousie (Taranta)

03 Solo by Florian David - La Paloma / S. de Yradier

04 Solo by Florian David - Recuerdos de la Alhambra / F. Tarrega

06 Solo by Luis Mariano - Atardecer Grana (Granaina)

07 Duo - Granada / I. Albeniz

08 Duo - Sevilla / I. Albeniz

09 Solo by Luis Mariano - Mejorana (Guajira)

10 Duo - Suspiro del Moro (Zambra) / L. Mariano, L. Megias

11 Duo - Manton de Manila (Alegrias)

In this recording, flamenco guitarist Luis Mariano from Granada, Spain and classical guitarist Florian David from Munich, Germany join forces to perform a mixed program of "flamenco meets classical" in new arrangements of familiar pieces and new compositions by Luis Mariano. This live performance, beautifully engineered by Jürgen Koch, was recorded at the "Eiskeller" in Dorfen, Germany on October 31, 2018. Both guitarists perform on guitars made by Florian Blochinger (2018 SP/CSAR & 2018 CD/CY)

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