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In Stock - SKU: BOORFEO-05942

René Lacote: Luthier à Paris by Bruno & Catherine Marlat


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Bruno and Catherine Marlat have amassed, over the years, a vast trove of documentation on the luthier René Lacote. For the first time, a book retraces the life of this luthier and the story of his fruitful collaborations. It shows the evolution of his work as well as a selection of instruments from his workshop. Lacote found his calling somewhat late; he was nearly thirty when he decided to become a luthier. He then poured all of his talent, style and creativity into guitar making. The sound qualities of his instruments earned him appreciation and esteem among guitar virtuosos residing in Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century. This success made it possible for Lacote to undertake numerous experiments, and each was a chance to give his inventiveness free rein. This book retraces the luthier’s life and the history of his fruitful collaboration with illustrious guitarists. It explores how his work evolved over time and examines a selection of instruments born in his workshop.


This book features a full size plan of a 1826 Lacote guitar.

216 pages for this 4-color book.

Format: 22.5 x 30 cm - 1.8 kg

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