We were very happy to catch French guitar superstar JudicaĆ«l Perroy in between tour dates for just long enough to record a video for us! As it happened, Amalia Ramirez was in town that day and had just brought us one of the new Antigua model guitars for us to check out. We don’t have the guitar in stock yet – she took it back to Madrid with her – but we do have some photos and of course this amazing video of Judicael playing Barrios’ Choro de Saudade.

Amalia tells us that the Antigua – or Antique – is the result of requests to create a guitar more like the Ramirez guitars of the early 20th Century, and features a spruce top unless special-ordered with cedar, and Indian rosewood back and sides unless special-ordered with Madagascar rosewood. GSI will be carrying the Antigua model soon.

Judicael is currently touring the US, Canada and Europe, so be sure to check out his website for tour dates!

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5 Responses to “Judicael Perroy plays new Ramirez Antigua”

  1. George Oberlander says:

    Wonderful playing that captures the Barrios idiom, Judicael. The full range of the guitar’s colors are evident, the rhythm is free, supple, but not indulgent. The dynamic range of the guitar is exploited to the full.

    You have among the longest right hand fingernails I’ve seen on a classical guitarist. I don’t know how you keep them from sounding aggressively harsh or accidentally wounding someone with a quick hand motion, but there’s no arguing with the result: a full sound without tinny-sounding overtones.

    I look forward to more recordings from you!

  2. Rene says:

    Sounds great. Looks like a nice addition to the Ramirez line.

  3. Tom Roberts says:

    A great rendition by Mr. Perroy. I’d never seen that done before where he used his left thumb out front on the fret board to help increase his range. Just when you’d thought you’d seen everything!

  4. Jackazzzzz says:

    I saw a tuck andress video one time where he did that as part of a riff, ie repeatedly and at speed. The rest was similarly insane.


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