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2007 Andrea Tacchi "Coclea Thucea" CS/CSAR

Year 2007
Top Cedar/Spruce
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Italy
Luthier Andrea Tacchi

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This is Andrea Tacchi's flagship model, the "Coclea Thucea". It is a fusing together of two different design ideas that were developed independently. In 1989, Tacchi publically unveiled his "Coclea" model – named after the Latin word for the part of the inner ear that transforms sound vibrations into the psychological sensations of volume, timbre, and tone. It is based on geometric and mathematical concepts that Tacchi discovered in researching the dimensions and proportions of old stringed instruments (including not just guitars but also instruments from the violin family), as well as more abstract concepts such as Fibonacci sequences (as in the shape of the human "coclea"), and the relationships found in the careful combining of circles and spheres to generate his plantilla (outline shape of the guitar) as well as the side-view shape with its unique back and soundboard doming.

Years later Tacchi was able to personally examine and evaluate the last Torres ever built from 1892 (the year of Torres’ death), an instrument which would profoundly influence his future work. Notably, Torres constructed the soundboard with four pieces of spruce. The densities of the outer two pieces were sufficiently different from the inner two that over the course of 100+ years, they oxidized at different rates, leaving the outer two pieces noticeably darker in color than the inner two. This inspired Tacchi to develop yet another new design concept – a three-piece top made of two pieces of western red cedar (as with this particular guitar) at the extremities and a single piece of European spruce in the middle, named "Thucea" from the union of the Latin words Thuja Plicata (cedar) and Picea Excelsa (spruce). Tacchi’s idea was to work with woods of different densities (as Torres had done with his final instrument) to maximize the efficiency of sound transmission in his soundboards, resulting in improved response and projection.

Notable qualities of this guitar are an easy emission of sound, a great variety of timbre, polyphonic clarity, increased volume, great playability and relaxed, comfortable string tension. Like Daniel Friederich (whom Tacchi has always greatly admired), this guitar is lined internally on the sides with mahogany which not only improves volume by creating a stiffer box, but colors and warms the sound emanating from the soundhole. Also includes 20th fret. Condition is excellent with no damage, no repairs - only some respectable wear in the finish from regular use. Overall a very sophisticated guitar, successfully achieving its intended aims, the primary of which is beauty of sound.

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