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2014 Gabriele Lodi "Torres" SP/MP

Year 2014
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Maple
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 49 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Italy
Luthier Gabriele Lodi

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Italian luthier Gabriele Lodi comes from a family of classical guitar makers, happily spending the majority of his childhood helping out in his father's workshop. By the age of 20, he had officially made guitar making his profession and began to focus on his fascination with historical instruments. Because of this interest, many of his guitars today are strongly rooted in traditional design and aesthetic.

This particular instrument is tribute to the great Antonio de Torres. It is not a copy or replica of any single Torres, but rather a synthesis of Gabriele's favorite elements of various Torres instruments that he has seen. Gabriele has had the good fortune to completely restore 5 original Torres guitars in the last 3 years. The work was extensive and required in some cases the removing of the backs, and both external and internal work, so Gabriele has really had a hand (literally) in these original masterpieces, one of which is now in the Cremona Musical Museum of Plucked Instruments. Gabriel has also visited Barcelona, Spain to study the very important 1859 Torres owned and played so famously by Miguel Llobet. This guitar built for us is Gabriele's attempt to manifest all of this knowledge about Torres with the intent to present the same feeling of an original one. The workmanship is second to none, it features quite elaborate purfling throughout the entire instrument - top, sides, back, bridge, rosette and head veneer. In the rosette and bridge there are mother of pearl inlays as well, making this simply a striking instrument to behold. It features a 40-year-old spruce soundboard and exceptionally beautiful maple for the sides and back. The tuners are handmade by Alessi.

The tone is full of old-world charm, with a excellent balance of firm, round bass and clear, ringing treble. Easy action and comfortable playability round out this exceptional, world-class guitar. We at GSI are thrilled to be representing this great maker. Note - although Gabriele is a seasoned veteran of guitar making, he chose to start using his own label (instead of the standard family label) in 2013 and this is the fifth guitar in this series.

Photos of this guitar during construction.Orfeo Magazine #13 – Lodi, Bottelli, Coriani, Peruffo

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