Here’s Celil Refik Kaya with the first movement of a new suite he has written entitled Miriam & Leon’s Daughters. This movement is called Loretta and Celil plays it on a gorgeous 1927 Francisco Simplicio in spruce and mahogany. In addition to being his deluxe model, with more decoration than is usual even for Simplicio, this particular guitar is fitted with a mahogany tornavoz, which is partly responsible for the incredibly rich low end on this instrument.

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14 Responses to “Celil Refik Kaya – 1927 Simplicio”

  1. Rob McSween says:

    Beautiful composition, beautifully played and a beautful instrument. Very uplifting. Bravo!

  2. Wayne Milford Assam says:

    Bravo Simplicio. Bravo Celil Refik Kaya.

  3. Doug Grassey says:

    This is very nice. Well done.

  4. Dale Larsen says:

    The treble sound very warm and beautiful. Great composition, love it. The artist has a wonderful tone. Simplicio was a craftsman and artist of the highest rank. Bravo!

  5. Eddie says:

    Fantastic composition to show off a wonderful guitar. Bravo!

  6. Gerald Wilson says:

    A beautiful musical statement delivered on an exquisite instrument. A wonderful moment.

  7. Joel Henderson says:

    I was completely spellbound by this most excellent performance of a beautiful piece of music, and by the stunningly captivating tone you have achieved on this instrument! Bravo to Simplicio and to Mr. Refik Kaya! 11/10…

  8. Hart K says:

    Lovely composition, beautifully played. Thank you.

  9. Dr. Arturo F. Jasso says:

    Simply marvelous: guitar, guitarist and the music.

  10. “Technical players play without soul and the players who go for pure music mostly lack
    technique”. A statement that is often heard. In fact bare nonsense as we are listening
    to Celil Refik Kaya and even in technical demanding pieces his unbelievable musical
    sense is there with ease. So thumbs up for this extra ordinary player with a great tone
    on an exceptional instrument. I think I go for a Simplicio but the bucks simply aren’t
    there – or should I keep on rehearding and rehearsing???

  11. Scott Ries says:

    So good to see the classical guitar alive and well, in the hands of young composers and artists. Bravo!

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Great composition, excellent technique and the guitar is gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.

  13. Tim Crawford says:

    What a lovely piece. My mind was wandering with the weaving music. A daydream within a vision of loveliness.
    Thank you for the wonderful piece. The guitar ( magnificent) waited a long time for this.

  14. Paul Polycarpou says:

    Incredible music, incredible guitar!!!


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