With one amazing live concert already under our belt, we’re excited to announce our second performance of the year! On March 12th, Elite Guitarist and GSI will be presenting world-renowed flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey in the intimate setting of our Santa Monica showroom.

Antonio Rey is a flamenco artist of the highest caliber and, arguably, today’s most virtuosic flamenco guitarist. Dazzling speed, exhilarating strums and soulful compositions converge together and make for unforgettable musical experiences. Hosting with our friends at the EliteGuitarist Concert Series, we are thrilled to have him perform for the first time in Los Angeles along several other musical guests. Limited tickets available.

Purchase your tickets here!

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8 Responses to “Antonio Rey – Concert on March 12th at GSI!”

  1. Diego de Oro says:

    Outstanding! A concert not to be missed!

  2. Saw him last year at la Bienal. Technically speaking he is probably the best I have ever seen. If you like flamenco guitar, this is a must see.

  3. Rod says:

    Who made that guitar?

  4. Jeff Klayman says:

    I clicked on link “buy tickets” in email I received but
    the page I was taken to has no link to purchase tickets for this event. (March 12)
    I’ve looked everywhere.

  5. Gary Davis says:

    Link for tickets. Be patient it loads slow. You will have to click Purchase Tickets one more time in a green bar.


  6. Paul says:

    Have you ever thought of live-streaming for us non-Californians? I’d pay to see this Antonio Rey concert OL, and my guess is there are plenty of others who would too.


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