Although the classical guitars of Richard Reynoso are fully traditional in construction design and largely inspired by the great Spanish makers of the past, they do have a voice and personality that is entirely his own. See in this short video documentary how Richard’s artistic style is informed in subtle ways by his immediate environment – the classic architecture seen in some of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles’ most iconic historical buildings of the art deco era. His love of hard yet graceful lines and contrasts is expressed in his signature carved headstock, and exquisite rosette design which draws from his love of art-deco styled chandeliers and ancient Egyptian jewelry.

Photos of the guitar under construction seen in the film are of the next GSI guitar, made with cedar top and wenge back and sides. See the photo album below for photos taken moments after being strung up in Richard’s workshop.

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6 Responses to “Richard Reynoso: Video profile of a luthier working in Art Deco Los Angeles”

  1. Rod Burr says:

    This is a truly lovely video, and spectacular instrument from a gifted, and humble craftsman. His talent hides his youth, and his ideas are refreshing.

  2. Behrooz compani says:

    I met Richard a few months ago and he was kind enough to agree to make me a classical guitar with 3 modifications compatible with 3 US patents I hold. Before I met him at his studio and to my surprise, he had made drawings and constructed some components to test the feasability and effectiveness of the ideas in the patents. I am very grateful. He is totally dedicated to his art and his guitars loudly speak to that.

  3. Rod says:

    Very nice. Interesting bracing – sort of a modified Fleta.

  4. Michele says:

    Hi, I’m Michele! Just I wanted to say, I’m really impressed about Richard and his fantastic work! Something unusual an full of personality, creativity and soul. My compliments: I will follow him! Best! M.

  5. Carlos says:

    I own a guitar from Richard, customized for a left handed player, its a beautiful instrument with a voice that is deep and quite unique, it is a treat to play every single time.

  6. susie croteau says:

    such beauty I just love these kind of videos thanku susie


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