Check out this cool new project by luthier John Weissenrieder – the Uke Buke Project. It’s a collaboration between Weissenrieder and artist Sarah Greenbaum and the result is a really lovely and beautifully illustrated explanation of how a stringed instrument – in this particular case a ukulele – is made. Check out their great Kickstarter video to get a closer look at how this project came about, what went into it, and some of the great ukuleles they’ve made together. Or click over to their Kickstarter page if you think you might want to get involved.

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One Response to “John Weissenrieder’s Uke Buke Project”

  1. Marcus M. Blake says:

    I like your concept. My cut to the chase question is: Who exactly is considered a really big backer in the context of your project?


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