We just got a new classical guitar from Erez Perelman, and it’s some of his most beautiful work to date – it’s a spruce and cypress guitar with a Brazilian back wedge and herringbone purflings largely inspired by Santos. Here’s Tavi Jinariu playing Miroslav Tadic’s ‘Macedonian Girl’, which he’s also recorded on his brand new CD ‘Reflections Along The Way’ which you can order now by clicking here.

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4 Responses to “Video – Tavi Jinariu plays Erez Perelman”

  1. andre scarabelot says:

    Great Miroslav Tadic! And beautiful tone from Tavi’s hands!

  2. Tom says:

    In Tavi Jinariu’s hands, this guitar shows the unique sound of cypress when a maker such as Erez Perelman really knows how to use it for a classical guitar. Congrats to maker and player.

    • Tavi says:

      The more I listen to this guitar, the more I think that cypress can be a very good choice in making a classical guitar. Great work Erez, great work!


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