Julius Reder Carlson was back last week to record Anibal Arias’ arrangement of La Bordona, the Tango by Emilio Balcarce, on an amazing 1967 Ignacio Fleta . We were looking for a good piece to try out some mics sent to me by the folks at Telefunken-Elektroakustik – the ELA M260 tube mic system (which appeals to me in part because of the interchangeable capsule system and the ability to use AKG and BLUE capsules, though for this recording we stuck with the supplied cardioid capsule). I’ll write more about these mics soon, but for now I’ll let you all be the judge.

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2 Responses to “Julius Reder Carlson – 1967 Fleta”

  1. John Paul, What is the difference in an Ignacio vs. something by his sons both tonally and price wise. I love the spruce top.. I know they are usually or preferably done with cedar (or at least from what I have seen) yet the spruce top for me seems to suit my taste..What would this guitar cost and is it a 9 fan braced top? I am beginning to ( in my older age) starting to like that dark haunting sound with a sweeter treble… I find the 19th fret very intriguing. Never noticed it before. Although not very functional,,,(still very unique).. Is this a heavy guitar generally speaking or a bit on the lighter side..Also do these guitars have some beef for thumb leverage or are they thin necked or flat backed? I do prefer the round D shaped profile necks as I have short thumbs and measure 8 1/4 inches from thumb tip to pinky which seems to put me in a 640-645mm scale yet with some thumb leverage a 650mm is very do-able in MOST cases… Very nice instrument both visually and tonally… Joe

  2. tom says:

    A memorable performance from Julius Reder Carlson – he is clearly a fine ‘tanguero’. The ELA M260 catches the unique resonance of the Fleta very well although it’s hard to assess without a direct comparison with another mic of the same quality. The guitar, in the hands of this player, sounds unusually, although not exceptionally, lively for a Fleta of that epoch so I wonder how it was set up, strings and action.


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