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Teodoro Perez has been building guitars his entire life, starting at the Ramirez workshop as a child and rising to become a master builder, partnering with Mariano Tezanos and now in his own workshop where he works with his family. Check out this great video of the workshop in action, and watch a guitar being built from beginning to stringing it up in about 10 minutes!

Teodoro Perez from Guitar Salon on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to “Teodoro Perez”

  1. Cheech says:

    Great video, labor intensive, he should charge more.

  2. Ralph Pizzoferrato says:

    Beautiful video, can you tell me the players names and if cd’s are available for the music used. Thank you, Ralph.

  3. James Stahl says:

    Awesome video showcasing the making of excellent quality guitars. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.


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