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EliteGuitarist Lessons Stimulus Package – Round 2 (30 days of FREE lessons)

EliteGuitarist and GSI are partnering together for Round 2 of guitar lessons. This is our version of a stimulus package in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Make the most of…

Luthier Spotlight

From a Computer Software Developer to a Luthier: Youri Soroka from Orléat (Puy-de-Dôme) builds classical guitars for the thrill of playing them!

Since becoming a luthier, Youri doesn’t like “Neither holidays nor vacations.  When it’s 6 p.m. and I have to stop working it makes me sad. I don’t take lunch breaks anymore and…

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Sneak Peek: Dominik Wurth’s newest GSI guitar is almost ready!

We have photos of the next GSI guitar from German luthier, Dominik Wurth. This new instrument features some new design improvements that are going to provide more power and better projection.…


Boston GuitarFest 2020 – Concerts are now available online!

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Boston GuitarFest transformed itself into GFEST ONLINE, an entirely virtual event that re-imagined the festival in light of the realities forced on…

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“Gabriela” – A new model of Vicente Carrillo guitar is now available at GSI!

The “Gabriela” model is the newest addition to our inventory. This model also completes the catalogue of Vicente Carrillo Classical Guitars featured at GSI. “Gabriela” has Indian Rosewood Back and…

Product Spotlight

Visesnut cases: Protect your guitar with style!

Very often we write about guitars, but we have to remember that a proper case plays a crucial part in protecting our precious guitars. Since we haven’t discussed guitar cases…

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Coming Soon: Oscar Trezzini (with an exciting twist…)

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from luthier Oscar Trezzini who has been on the move and making some very interesting changes these past several years. We first met him…

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Mijail Kharash – a Prize-winner from Granada Builds his 1st Classical Guitar for GSI.

We’ve received some new photos of the new Mijail Kharash GSI guitar. This is going to be the second instrument by this luthier shipped to GSI. The first one, a…

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Coming soon: Christian Koehn joins the group of Berlin Luthiers featured at GSI. See the sneak peek photos of his first GSI guitar!

We’re very happy to announce that a new Berlin Luthier is going to be featured at GSI! Christian Koehn is a young guitar maker who is going to join Kris…

Guitar Demonstrations

Chrystian Dozza, Fabio Ramazzina, Thiago Abdalla and Sidney Molina – a brilliant Brazilian quartet visits GSI!

New videos are available on the GSI YouTube Channel. This time, we recorded a quartet! Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet (QGQ) is acclaimed as one of the world’s top guitar ensembles. Composed of Brazilian guitarists…

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