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1968 Jose Ramirez "2a" CD/CSAR

Year 1968
Top Cedar
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 664 mm
Nut width 54 mm
Finish Lacquer
Country Spain
Luthier Jose Ramirez III
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This instrument was built in 1968 in the famous Jose Ramirez III workshop, which for over half a century has produced instruments performed on by countless professionals from Sting to Segovia, Chet Atkins to Sabicas and Lee Ritenour to Christopher Parkening. The "2a" models are pretty much identical to the standard "1a" in all ways, the Ramirez shop claimed back in the day that the lower price tag was due to either using materials that may have minor aesthetic blemishes, such as small knots, or what in Spain are called "cocas" (darker areas of resin concentration in the grain), or if they were built by an apprentice and not a foreman. However, after many decades of discussion, many players and aficionados have concluded that a great 2a can be identical to a great 1a. This instrument in fact is stamped internally with the initials "MC" designating the great Manuel Caceres as its builder.

It has 3 well-repaired cracks, one in the soundboard below the bridge, one at the foot where the sides join and the third alongside the center seam of the back. It has also had an additional layer of finish applied to the entire guitar. It does have nicks and dings on the entire body, but otherwise it is in excellent, ready-to-play condition. It sounds great, exactly like a classic Ramirez right from this period should - that famous tone that is thick yet clear, having that essential warm, mysterious and moody quality that made Ramirez famous. An excellent players guitar, this one also has had the bridge cut down quite low and converted to a 12-hole system that allows for extremely low action - this probably the lowest (and most comfortable) of any Ramirez we've ever seen. Simply put, easy to play and great sounding.

For more information on Ramirez, be sure to read The Ramirez Family: Masters of the Guitar, or for information on the Ramirez family members, from Amalia Ramirez back to Jose I and for some interesting fact-checking on myths and facts about this legendary workshop.

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