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“Luthier Series Carbon Case” by Leona Cases is the newest high-quality guitar case available on the market. The case, named after the famous “La Leona” guitar by Antonio de Torres, immediately captured our attention with its elegant design that is the outcome of almost 5 years of careful planning using innovative tools.

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Very often we write about guitars, but we have to remember that a proper case plays a crucial part in protecting our precious guitars. Since we haven’t discussed guitar cases in a while, we’d like to familiarize you with the Visesnut cases that we currently have at GSI.

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Barrios expert & luthier Federico Sheppard, editor and visionary behind “El Libro de Oro”, the new 6-volume edition of the works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, asked if GSI would be willing to provide the video companion to the first 2 volumes, and of course we said “yes”! Although Barrios is a household name in the classical guitar world, he is largely known for his phenomenal compositions, which have become permanent staples of the classical guitar repertoire. But very little has been known of his teaching materials and method until now. The series of videos that will slowly fill this blog post are all taken from the studies found in Volume 1: “The Barrios Method”. 

In these videos, Sondre Hoymer performs on Federico Sheppard’s 2014 replica of “1911 José Ramírez – ex Barrios” RW/AR and Samuel Hines performs on a 2019 Matthew Chaffin SP/ZR. In addition, in the latest video, Ian Watt performs on a replica of Barrios’ 1927 Francisco Simplicio, built by Federico Sheppard.

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Check out the new radio show on k-Mozart 105.1 FM HD4 called Sundays with Segovia. The show will air each Sunday at 3PM, starting February 2, 2020. In each episode, the host, Rodney Williamson will present guitar music as well as feature luthiers whose guitars we have in our GSI catalogue.

The first episode will present tracks from Scott Tennant’s newest album titled The Segovia Sessions (which you can purchase at the GSI Store). This album was an outcome of a collaboration between the artist and our GSI team. For the recording, we loaned Scott the 1969 Jose Ramirez “1a AM” CD/CSAR that previously belonged to Andrés Segovia. Stay tuned to k-Mozart as listeners will be offered a special discount coupon code to GSI.

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You may have seen – but surely heard – Knobloch Strings played by many great guitarists, including the artists and instructors on Well, we’re thrilled to announce that Knobloch Strings are now available at the GSI Store, which means you can grab your own set to use on your guitar starting now! Knobloch classical guitar strings are strings of the highest order with several models and tensions to choose from.

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We have a big batch of exciting new releases for you at the GSI Store this week – that is, apart from our weekly New Arrivals. A total of 7 new guitars are now available from which you can choose: four new models from Vicente Carrillo’s line of concert-quality classical guitars – the “Primera Especial” available with a spruce top or a cedar top and the “India Estudio” also with your choice of a cedar or spruce top.

Beyond these, we’re also thrilled to introduce three new concert flamenco guitars that will fit right at home here in our showroom: the Cañizares line featuring the “Estudio-1”, “Estudio-2” and “Estudio-3” in spruce/granadillo, spruce/cypress and spruce/Indian rosewood, respectively. This special line of flamencas are named after the all-time great flamenco guitarist Juan Manuel Cañizares who, after wanting a custom line of guitars onto which he could pour his years of guitar wisdom, decided to work with Vicente Carrillo in order to create the highest quality flamenco instruments for the broadest audience possible with demanding standards.

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Luthier Federico Sheppard wears many hats other than building great guitars, which include his unique “Camino” models and replicas of the main concert guitars of Agustín Barrios Mangoré. He hosts guitar workshops and presents concerts (over 500 to date) in the north of Spain along the Camino de Santiago, where he also writes and publishes articles for the Guild of American Luthiers and Soundboard magazine. This is a short-list of all he does; however, it has been with Herculean effort that his current project is nearly complete: called “El Libro de Oro – The Book of Gold”, this is a multi-volume and new edition of the works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, commemorating the 75th anniversary of his passing. Acting as editor, contributing author and collector, Sheppard has included many hitherto unknown works, including the Barrios method, studies, duos, solos and arrangements of other composers. Published by Les Productions D’Oz, a very well-known publisher of sheet music for the guitar, with a release date set for June 2019.

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The guitar duo comprised of Luis Mariano & Florian David is not your average duo simply because you don’t hear the average duo making music that is an expression of the fusion of flamenco and classical styles. Spanish guitarist Luis Mariano and German guitarist Florian David present to you this mixed program of “flamenco meets classical” music featuring new arrangements of familiar pieces and new compositions by Luis Mariano himself. The entire CD was recorded at the “Eiskeller” in Dorfen, Germany on October 31, 2018, and it is available now for purchase at the GSI Store. Take a listen to two of the tracks below.

Both guitarists perform on guitars made by Florian Blöchinger (2018 SP/CSAR – much like this one and 2018 CD/CY), so there is a very in-house, personal feel to this recording with the great engineering of Jürgen Koch.

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Although the classical guitars of Richard Reynoso are fully traditional in construction design and largely inspired by the great Spanish makers of the past, they do have a voice and personality that is entirely his own. See in this short video documentary how Richard’s artistic style is informed in subtle ways by his immediate environment – the classic architecture seen in some of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles’ most iconic historical buildings of the art deco era. His love of hard yet graceful lines and contrasts is expressed in his signature carved headstock, and exquisite rosette design which draws from his love of art-deco styled chandeliers and ancient Egyptian jewelry.

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