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Let’s be honest – here at GSI and in Los Angeles in general, we meet and hear a lot of incredible guitar players, both from seasoned professionals and the best up-and-coming young talents, and though we haven’t seen absolutely everything, we definitely get exposed to a fair share of great musicians. However, even from our very lucky vantage point, we can still be taken by surprise once in a while… and candidly admit we’re still floating from last week’s concert featuring the legendary Yamandu Costa.

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With one amazing live concert already under our belt, we’re excited to announce our second performance of the year! On March 12th, Elite Guitarist and GSI will be presenting world-renowed flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey in the intimate setting of our Santa Monica showroom.

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We know it’s early into 2019, but this past weekend may have already been the highlight of the year! For one night, we hosted a lineup of some of Los Angeles’s finest classical guitarists to give the 1969 Segovia Ramirez its final and proper goodbye. The event was called “Scott Tennant & Friends” and it ended up being a PACKED house (as you can see from the photos below!)

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Join us Saturday, January 19th at the GSI showroom for a final celebration of the Segovia Ramirez before it’s officially sent home with its new owner. Over the course of its long tenure here at GSI, this legendary guitar has been played by many generations of great players, and at this event, it will be played one final time by a lineup of some of our favorite artists including Scott Tennant, Andrew York, Tavi Jinariu, and Taso Comanescu.

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We were fortunate to be able to record a concert last year of the entire Romero family along with virtuoso ukulele player Daniel Ho. The concert featured duets by Pepe Romero and Daniel Ho, as well as solos by each, in the first half, and then the Romero quartet in the second half. Angel Romero even made an appearance and sat in with the quartet. All instruments – guitars and ukuleles – were made by luthier Pepe Romero Jr., and it’s a wonderful showcase of the instruments played by some seriously legendary players.

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Today is Roland Dyens’ birthday, so it seemed like a perfect time to publish some video we have of him playing a concert at GSI with a very historic guitar. The guitar is a 1947 Robert Bouchet, the second guitar Bouchet ever built and the first he ever sold (he kept the first guitar, as he had made it for himself). This guitar can rightly be said to have launched the French school of luthiery, which would go on to include such figures as Daniel Friederich, Dominique Field and now the current generation of young French luthiers like Jean-Noel Rohe and Bertrand Ligier.

In the first video GSI president David Collett gives us a brief history of the guitar (including a great photo, taken the year Dyens was born, of the guitar being played by Friederich while sitting next to Joseph Reinhardt, Django’s brother), then Dyens plays Sor’s Le Calme. In the second video Dyen’s plays his arrangement of Django Reinhardt’s Nuages, and in the third he plays his new arrangement of Piazzolla’s Oblivion.

Huge thanks to the guys at AEA ( for lending us their N22 and N8 microphones for this concert!

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We had a fantastic time hosting Roland Dyens last week for a concert and masterclass. On Saturday night we had a full house for a concert which featured Dyens playing two historic Bouchet guitars – one from 1956 and one from 1947 which is the second guitar ever made by Bouchet – and a 1969 Friederich, as well. We recorded the concert and should have video up in coming weeks.

To round out Dyens’ visit we held a masterclass on Sunday where the maestro shared his experience and knowledge with some great local players. Check out some of the photos by GSI photographer Felix Salazar and some of his concert footage below.
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(Dyens will perform on Classical Guitars by French makers)

Santa Monica, CA – On Saturday June 27, 2015, Guitar Salon International (GSI) will present French master guitarist and composer Roland Dyens live in concert at the GSI Showroom in Santa Monica, CA. The concert will start at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 7pm and tickets priced at $22. Mr. Dyens will perform his evening concert on a selection of collectible classical guitars made by legendary French luthiers such as Daniel Friederich, Robert Bouchet and possibly others, provided courtesy of GSI and friends of GSI. To purchase concert tickets, please visit the GSI Store. The day after his concert, the virtuoso will teach a masterclass with five student participants on Sunday June 28th in the same location. The masterclass will begin at 12pm noon and is free for public viewing.

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Guitar Salon International will present classical guitar maestro Roland Dyens live in concert and masterclass on June 27th and June 28th.

Mark your calendars to join us on Saturday June 27th, 2015 for an evening of live music with Roland Dyens where he will perform on a variety of collectible instruments (to be announced soon) provided by GSI. Tickets are now available!

The concert will be followed the next day (Sunday June 28th) with Roland teaching a masterclass, which is open to the public audience. We have 5 ‘student’ spots reserved for those who wish to play for Roland Dyens and present their pieces for his feedback. For those wishing to perform in the masterclass, please contact Kai Narezo for more details.

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This past weekend, we hosted our latest event in the GSI Concert Series, an intimate evening at the GSI showroom with Andrew York on stage. Featuring no less than four world-class instruments and a stunning selection of original music and classical guitar favorites, the show made for quite a night to remember. Read on to hear the details and see all the photos.

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