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Flamenco guitarist Ricardo Marlow treats us to an exciting bulerias performance, which you can watch below, on the sharp, crisp-sounding 2019 Teodoro Perez “Flamenco Blanca” in spruce and cypress.

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2 Responses to “Online Flamenco guitar lessons with Ricardo Marlow via EliteGuitarist.com”

  1. Echi says:

    Great playing as usual.

  2. Brilliant performance, in technique & expression. Ricardo brings originality & a modern Flamenco style that is authentic, not a Caribbean or Euro-pop hybrid (these are fine, pero como las palabras de Carlos Montoya, “…no muy gitano”). His students & we, his audience, are fortunate to hear him. The fine Perez guitar seems to have a similar character & sound, presenting Ricardo’s improvisations like what we might have heard in a cuadro of 100 years ago, light, strong & intense (w/ wooden tuning pegs?). 🙂 Thanks to all.


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