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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Demonstrations

GSI Teams Up with EliteGuitarist to Provide Online Lessons

There seems to be no shortage of options when it comes to online classical guitar lessons, but when we heard about Tavi Jinariu’s new project we became very excited. Over…

Guitar Lessons

Jack Sanders – On Carcassi Etude #2 (2015 van den Berg)

We have another great lesson from Jack Sanders. He prepares us to play Carcassi’s Etude #2 and suggests some great technical exercises suggested by the technical challenges in the etude…

Guitar Lessons

Scott Morris – Carcassi Etude #3 (Part 2)

We have another lesson from Scott Morris – this time addressing the second half of Carcassi’s popular Etude No. 3., as discussed in his book Classical Guitar Complete. Scott’s lesson…

Guitar Lessons

Jack Sanders – Left-Hand Technique (1994 John Gilbert)

Here’s Jack Sanders with another great lesson, this time focusing on developing and reinforcing a proper and relaxed left-hand technique. Jack is playing a 1994 John Gilbert classical guitar from…

Guitar Demonstrations

Scott Morris – Slur Study (Loriente Marieta)

Here’s Scott Morris with a slur study he wrote called Petite Permutations – it’s all in first position and addresses slurs with open strings and those that involve fixed fingers.…

Guitar Lessons

Jack Sanders – Scales, Part 3

Jack Sanders gives us the final installment of a lesson on scales as the foundation of your overall technique. In Part 3 Jack gives us some exercises for putting the right…

Guitar Lessons

Jack Sanders – Scales, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 (of three) of Jack Sanders‘ lesson on using scales as the foundation of a comprehensive technique. In Part 2 Jack wraps up his discussion of the left…

Guitar Demonstrations

Jack Sanders – Scales For Technique

Here’s a lesson from Jack Sanders, who in addition to performing and building guitars teaches some of the best young players in the country (including Sedona Farber and Jennifer Kim,…

Guitar Demonstrations

Scott Morris – Introduction to Polyphony

Here’s another video lesson from Scott Morris, who just published the 2nd edition of his Classical Guitar Complete Vol. 1 method, which includes over 40 pages of new content as…

Guitar Demonstrations

Vahagni – Buleria Falsetas

Our good friend Vahagni just released his new CD ‘Imagined Frequencies’ this month (you can get it on iTunes and Amazon) and he stopped by to show us some falsetas…

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