Our friends at Orfeo Magazine have created something quite astounding – a set of 34 life-sized prints of historic guitars. The guitars range from Torres’ 1856 ‘La Leona’ to a 2008 Daniel Freiderich, and include such great makers as Enrique Garcia, Francisco Simplicio, Santos Hernandez, Robert Bouchet, Hermann Hauser (I and II), Miguel Rodriguez’ (Pepe Romeros’ “La Wonderful”) and more. If you have seen any of the photography in Orfeo magazine you’ll have an idea of how beautifully produced these promise to be, and they include some information about the luthiers and the guitars in addition to the amazing life-sized prints. We very much look forward to receiving copies at GSI in the near future!

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6 Responses to “Orfeo: Life Sized Guitar Prints!”

  1. Robin Lawless says:

    Is it possible to pre-order a copy? This will be an invaluable resource! Well done Orfeo.

  2. JOSEPH COZZA says:

    Greetings. what will be the purchase price of these 34 life-sized prints from Orfeo magazine. cheers, Joseph (Melbourne, Australia)

  3. please one for me,Hrvoje Rendulić,Croatia

  4. Leslie Rittenberg says:

    Will single subject photos be available according to maker? Or is this a set only? Does that mean the photos are folded?

  5. Muser Raven says:

    Wonderful! How can I purchase a copy?

  6. Fran says:

    Brilliant! Where can I get one of those??


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