Max Brenner is a recent graduate of USC, where he studied with Bill Kanengiser. I met him last Summer at CSU Summer Arts in Granada, Spain, and had the chance to hear him play quite a bit. He came in to record some videos for us, including his arrangement of Schumann’s Traumerei on a 2018 Carlos Juan Busquiel in spruce and Indian rosweood, Ponce’s Prelude on a new 2018 Zoran Kuvac in spruce and CSA rosewood, and his own arrangement of the jazz standard All of Me on a fantastic 2001 Hermanos Conde negra. Max is currently recording a CD of his arrangements of jazz standards for classical guitar, so look out for that release.

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9 Responses to “Max Brenner at GSI”

  1. Joel Henderson says:

    Loved your version of ‘All Of Me’…is it written out and for sale anywhere?


  2. Don Roth says:

    Charlie Byrd is smiling.

  3. Dave Farrell says:

    I agree—-excellent arrangement of All Of Me. Is it available?

    What Ponce Prelude?

    • Nick DeVincentis says:

      Arrangement of “All Of Me” is outstanding. The Conde sounds great. Excellent player.

  4. Susan Goldberg says:

    I’m mesmerized by your talent, Max.

  5. James Farber says:

    I love that arrangement of All of Me
    It just shows you how great a classical guitar Sounds playing jazz.
    Awesome flexibility and looseness in comping!

  6. Marius Pessah says:

    I was mesmerized by Mr. Max Brenners playing . I applaud GSI for introducing him to the public . He is a
    consummate musician who combines musicality with impeccable musicianship . His timing , dynamics and
    technique are to be applauded . He makes every guitar shine . Guitarists are always looking for the Holy
    Grail of guitars . Max can make a Yamaha sound like a Hauser . It’s the musician not the guitar .
    We have yet to learn that important rule.
    Thank you Max I hope you have a successful career .

  7. Michael Casher says:

    Wow! Really great playing, both classical and jazz. Love that moving bass line!


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