During the Parkening International Guitar Competition a few weeks ago some of the competitors stopped by the showroom to play some guitars and it was great to meet some of the next generation of guitarists. This week we have two videos of young Australian guitarist Alberta Khoury, who at 16 was the youngest competitor in the adult competition. Here she is playing Albeniz’ Sevilla on a 1989 Miguel Rodriguez and Regondi’s Introduction and Caprice on a 2010 Pepe Romero Jr.

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7 Responses to “Video – Alberta Khoury”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    Alberta is a very impressive young player but she needs to slow down a bit with Sevilla ,although it is a quick dance it also should not be rushed. The Regondi is second-rate trash ,just awful dross and guitarists would do well to give Regondi a wide berth .Miss Khoury is one hell of a guitarists for her age and both guitars sound very good .I especially like the Rodriguez.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Just a suggestion ,Sevilla works better/ sounds nicer with slurs rather than articulating every single note.

  3. Luis Garzon says:

    Alberta Khoury plays with passion! I love the way she attacks the guitar. So many male guitarist are shy and pussyfoot with the note and the rhythm. As far as slowing down Sevilla I couldn’t care less. She plays it wonderfully and her attention to the rhythmic feel is wonderful. It is the luxury of a young guitarist to be able to play fast. As an older guitarist with 54 years of playing, the first two as a child of five and six, I no longer can play that fast for that long. My arm falls asleep or my arthritis flares up and I have to play through pain. However what improves is the mind. I can see where the music needs attention and a slower hand. I play a popular tune from Evita Don’t cry for me Argentina” A couple of Tango dancers asked if AI played any Tangos. This was over ten years ago. I have since learned some Astor Piazolla. So I played Don’t Cry for Me Argentina as a tango. As they danced it was easy for me to keep the dance in the music and the feel . I think when playing a waltz imagine someone dancing to it. If you can’t do that get a couple of ballroom dancers or any dancers to dance to what you are playing. If they can’t dance to it, you are playing it wrong. Too many people fall prey to the metronome. Listen to the decay of the notes and how they effect your meter. It will give you the natural feel. I find That she reminds me of myself when I was young and could play everyone under the table. My speed I gained by taking a Sony reel to reel and speeding the piece up by twice and playing to it. LOL. Today I appreciate a slow hand. Playing guitar is much like making love. When your young it’s hurried Wam Bam Thank you Mam. When you mature you learn to be a slow hand with a gentle touch. That slow hand gives the listener time to realize each note and it’s beauty. Still If I could play these pieces as well as she does I would be proud of it.

  4. cuchares says:

    The guys should take a lesson .I’m not a fan of classical guitar but Alberta ……..
    After suffering through the Flamengo torture musings of the “Tuning” school (Thanks Alberto and Kai);this is refreshing.Actual music;Lively with super tempo and rhythm.
    Music with joi de vivre

  5. cuchares says:

    The Regondi renews my former opinion of “Ugh classical guitar.’
    Should be in a tuning

  6. alvar says:

    Beautiful sound, beautiful interpretation and beautiful woman….

  7. Robin Tedford says:

    Absolutely superb, inspiring, and even overwhelming. This is only the beginning too. Thank you.


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